The Ministry


The Ministry coordinates and implements Luxembourg's general policies in the area of internal security, as well as the preparation and the follow-up of national and international meetings in this domain.

The aim of this strategy is to ensure security for the entire population and to respond to the challenges of our time, under a strong rule of law. In order to accomplish its mission, the MSI has set itself three priorities: massive recruitment within the police force, investment, reform and modernisation projects, as well as the implementation of the principle of shared responsibility.

The Ministry of Internal Security is responsible for the Grand Ducal Police and the Inspection générale de la Police (IGP - General Police Inspectorate). Its competences are defined in the grand ducal decree establishing the ministries.

As crime knows no borders, a number of treaties, conventions or agreements promote collaboration between law enforcement entities from different countries, as well as assistance and information sharing as part of an effective police cooperation. The Ministry of Internal Security also has the task of negotiating and enabling the various forms of cooperation mentioned above.

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